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December 2021


12/26 - Stuff, My Stuff, The Stuff

Everyone has their "stuff." We are blessed to live in a country where stuff is easily acquired, and God blesses us with abilities to prosper and buy things. But we must take extreme care that our stuff does not become our security, that we do not forget God, and that we do not trade our souls for something which is eternally worthless.

12/19 - Manger Worship

When Israel's long-awaited King finally arrived, He was not what many expected. His humble beginnings gave a sure preview of both the King Himself and His kingdom. From His birth in tiny Bethlehem and His being laid in a feeding trough to the wonder of lowly shepherds, everything pointed to something different.

12/12 - Fill The Waterpots

When the host ran out of wine at the wedding in Cana, Jesus performed a miracle to save the celebration and also a lot of embarrassment. But He didn't do for the host family what they could do for themselves. The Lord works the same way today with and through His people. We don't work alone, and we don't just stand around waiting for God to do something. We work our best, and He does the rest.

12/5 - The Human God

The apostle John tells us that the Word became flesh. Jesus was the God-Man, the Human God - a true mystery. It is something which we have difficulty understanding, and probably never fully will. But the life which Jesus lived on the earth does show us two important things. His life reveals God to us. And His life reveals to us what we humans should be - absent our sin. Amazingly, they are the same!

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