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Love in Other Words

1 Corinthians 13:1-8

If I can speak most eloquently and am able to captivate crowds with marvelous stories and have not love, I am nothing but a wind chime. If I have such great command of the English language so as to present irrefutable arguments and be able to powerfully persuade men yet do not have love, I am a loud, noisy muffler.

If I have great insight into biblical prophecies and understand their various interpretations but don’t have love, I am a big, fat zero. If I have faith which is unflinching in the face of great adversities and am able to overcome huge obstacles but lack love, I am worthless.

If I am a generous giver and always donate to clothes closets, soup kitchens and every request for help which comes to my attention but am void of love, it does me absolutely no good. If I deny myself all pleasure in life and work tirelessly night and day to spread the gospel even in the most difficult circumstance with threats to my life and limb but am empty of love, it adds nothing to my account.

Love is most patient. Whether it’s waiting for you to get ready or for you to arrive, love bides its time. If it’s waiting for you to grow and mature, love will see you through to the end.

Love is kindness in action. It does those little things (some big ones, too) which make the day so much more tolerable. A cup of coffee, a friendly word, a surprise gift - love is considerate of you.

Love is not jealous when you get that new job or car or house or grandchild or whatever - it rejoices with you!

Love doesn’t talk about itself but wants to know about you.

Love never acts stupidly or out of character.

Love is not out to get whatever it can get; does not “lose it” when things go south; doesn’t keep track of every time it gets hurt.

Love finds no joy in any evil, only in what is true and good.

Love bears burdens, believes with an open heart, anticipates the best, perseveres through the greatest hardships.

Love never quits, never gives up, never is exhausted.

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