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Celebrate Your Freedoms

This week, our country will celebrate its Independence Day. We are truly blessed to live in these United States and enjoy the freedoms which we’ve had for over two centuries. We should never take any of our freedoms for granted nor forget the great cost which many paid so that we could have these liberties.

Likewise, and even more so, we should celebrate always the freedoms which we have in Christ Jesus. Paul wrote: “It was for freedom that Christ set us free...” (Galatians 5:1). Early in His ministry at the synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus read from Isaiah 61 which spoke of a coming “favorable year of the Lord.” It was an indirect reference to the year of Jubilee which occurred every 50 years and brought a “giant reset.” Debts were cancelled. Land was returned to its ancestral owners. Those who had been living in servitude were freed to return to their homes. This Isaiah prophecy concerned the Messiah and the great blessings which would come through Him. It is all about good news, freedom for the oppressed and release of captives. What are some of those freedoms which Christ our Lord has brought for those who are in Him?

Freedom from the guilt of sin.

Freedom from the power of sin.

Freedom from condemnation.

Freedom from law.

Freedom from living in darkness.

Freedom from the power of the devil.

Freedom from the fear of death.

Freedom from the second death.

Freedom to live with hope.

Freedom to live with joy.

Freedom to live in peace.

Can you name others? Live in the freedom of Christ! And remember that Jesus paid a precious price for our freedoms.

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