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The lure of happiness may be one of the most insidious devices of the devil. Webster defines happy as 1) favored by circumstances; lucky; fortunate; 2) having, showing, or causing a feeling of great pleasure, contentment, joy, etc. It is the world’s (i.e. the devil’s) constant theme that a person should pursue what makes him/her happy. So an individual immerses their self in those things which are perceived to provide this feeling of joy and pleasure.

For example, if it’s the “stuff” of life which we think will bring us happiness (whether in the form of fun, comfort, status, or popularity) then money becomes a key for bringing us the “stuff” - bling, flashy cars, trendy clothes, latest video game, etc. But in time (maybe even a few months), that hot-off-the-showroom-floor crossover which was to be the “best thing ever” begins to lose its luster and appeal - especially when those newer models come out with more bells & whistles promising more horses under the hood, fewer stops at the pump, and a better financing arrangement. Happiness now takes on a new look. And so it goes as the illusive “blue bird of happiness” flits from limb to limb mocking the one who tries so desperately to catch it. How insightful and wise was Solomon! (Ecclesiastes 5:10-12)

The Holy Spirit has a much richer word for “happiness,” and that is blessedness. This is a full and satisfying state of inner joy which can only come from God, the One who knows exactly how to bring every one of us peace and contentment. God invited the thirsty to come to Him and buy water, wine and milk without money! (Isaiah 55:1) Jesus said that He was the bread of life (John 6:35), and He cried out in the temple that if anyone was thirsty they should come to Him and drink (John 7:37). These verses along with many others point humanity to that which only can satisfy its deep hungers and desires and bring more than elusive happiness, even a rich blessedness - the true and living God and His Son Jesus.

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