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Taking Life to Heart

Thinking is not something which people seem to do well these days. I’m not implying that they have lost the capacity to think, but that they have forgotten the importance of thinking things through. You may agree or disagree, but let’s consider how this may be.

Ours is a “hurry up and do it now” culture with virtually instant access to everything. We can get instant credit approval, apply for jobs, and find companionship on line. We drive with cell phones in our cars, and we text while watching movies, doing work, and eating. Our social media friends are always posting something we need to see, and I need to post something as well. Ads on TV tell us to “Call now!” We can shop online: Add to Cart; Express Check Out; Submit; get it TOMORROW! Who needs to think?!

It seems the faster we go the less time we have to get everything done around the house and still have some fun and relaxation worked in. Right? Besides, thinking is so much like work. It takes time and effort to research, ponder, consider alternatives and outcomes. Who has time for that? Anyway, we have educators, doctors, and government officials to do our thinking for us, right? Why even preachers can buy a whole book of sermons or even download them from the internet since they do not have time to study and think either! Ah, yes, Satan plies his trade well. The father of lies and master of deception continues to hoodwink the human race into living lives of self-destruction.

Is it any wonder that when we do open up a portion of God’s word that it often seems strange to us? “The mind of the wise is in the house of mourning, while the mind of fools is in the house of pleasure.” “Man, what a downer! What’s that all about? Is this book for real?” Well, yes it is, and it portrays reality better than any other book on earth. It is God’s book of truth and life. We all need to read it, think upon its truths, take them to heart, and live them!

But, do you have the time?

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