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The "New Normal?"

When Judah was in the midst of the trauma of being enslaved and deported to Babylon, Jeremiah found himself confused. He had been imprisoned for speaking the word of God about the exile, and many of his people had already been carried away. But then his cousin came to him and asked him to buy his field! This made no sense to Jeremiah (32:25) since the Chaldeans were already in possession of Jerusalem. Then the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah to reassure him that what was happening was not permanent and that fields would again be bought and sold in the land and that God would restore their fortunes - what was happening at the present was not to be the way things would always be from then on. During this corona virus situation, we have been hearing the phrase “the new normal.” I don’t care for that phrase, and I reject it. There is nothing normal about what we are experiencing.

•We are in the midst of a pandemic which has killed hundreds of thousands of people

•Many businesses are closed

•Many people have been forced out of work

•We are told not to gather in large groups

•We are told to do social distancing in public

•Churches in some states have been told they cannot sing or even assemble

•Sporting events have no spectators

•We are supposed to wear a mask when in public

None of this is normal!! And we should not accept it as normal nor begin to get comfortable with it. This is why I wear your everyday generic mask. I do not want to get comfortable wearing one. By His grace and in His own way, the Lord God will remove this virus and return us to “normal.”

What’s happening now is abnormal. Let’s see it that way.

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