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Them in a Box

The world can “beat us up” quite badly at times. A person can start out in the morning with enthusiasm, energy and confident expectations but by the end of the day they can be crushed, worn out and thoroughly disappointed. Life can do that to us.

If you hold down a job, all sorts of things can happen in the work place. Maybe you have a “run in” with your boss or even a co-worker. The workload kept piling up. You didn’t get that raise. Maybe it was just a long, grueling day. Then the work schedule came out, and you’re on it for Saturday - again. Things begin to well up inside: tension, frustration, anxiety. What do you do?

If you’re on the “home front,” similar things can happen. The kids were just royally rotten. You think one of them is getting sick. You burned the lasagna. Is the oven going bad? The credit card bill came, and it’s a lot more than you thought. The car is making an odd “whirring” sound. The lawn mover won’t start. Things begin to well up inside: tension, frustration, anxiety. What do you do?

Well, the one thing that you don’t want to do is to unload everything on your spouse as soon as you see him/her at the end of the day. Do not let these things define your daily reunion! That should be a time of smiles, hugs, kisses and rejoicing. You are back together once again.

This is about two things: maintaining perspective and having self-control (Proverbs 25:28). Focus on the blessings which God has given you and your family. You are loved and have someone who loves you. Life is good. God is good. You are one of His children, and He has promised to be with you in all of life.

One mental exercise which you may want to learn is to put all of the day’s troubles in a “box” and put it somewhere before you see your spouse. Leave it on the porch, on a shelf, in a cabinet, etc. Then when you have enjoyed some time together, and you are settled down, you can open the box together along with God. Give it a try.

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