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Two by Two

Most of us were taught the story of Noah and the ark in Bible school, and one of the things we remember about that was that the animals went into the ark “two by two.” This, of course, reflected the need for the male and female to procreate following the flood. If we reflect upon scripture and God’s created order, we find groups of two everywhere, some complementary and some in contrast:

•Male and female

•Husband and wife

•Light and darkness

•Day and night

•Left and right

•Broad way and narrow way

•Good and evil

•Right and wrong

•Body and soul

•Flesh and spirit

•Truth and falsehood

•Righteous and wicked

•Life and death

•Sheep and goats

•Heat and cold

•Yes and no

•Saved and lost

•Clean and unclean

•Wise and foolish

•Strong and weak

•Free and enslaved

Such pairs represent God’s wisdom in His creation, but also reflect the severe reality of good and evil which is present in the world. So, keep your eye open for “twos.” They are everywhere.

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