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Weightier Matters

Jesus had a lot to say to the scribes and Pharisees recorded for us in Matthew 23. For the most part, it wasn’t good to say the least. Hypocrisy, lawlessness, oppression, upside down values - the list is grievous. One of the things which He singled out was that they were very meticulous in tithing the herbs from their kitchen gardens but had failed by neglecting the “weightier” (more important) matters or provisions of the law. These were such things as justice, mercy and faithfulness. We scratch our heads and wonder how they could do that! Well, it’s quite easy, because it’s easy!

Consider. Which would be easier? To clip about 10% of the mint from your garden and take it with you the next time you went to the temple OR to get up early, go to the city gate, and plead the cause of a widow who was being ripped off by some shyster merchant? It’s so easy to take the easy road - unless we are devoted to God and the things which matter to Him. Then our heart and our conscience will move us to pursue the weightier matters.

Let’s take a little survey. Be honest with yourself before God.

Which bothers you more? The fact that hundreds of thousands died in the COVID pandemic, or the fact that hundreds of thousands died during the same time without Christ?

Which bothers you more? The fact that millions on this earth go without enough food every day, or the fact that millions go without the word of God every day?

For whom do you pray more? The sick or the lost?

For whom do you pray more? The country or the church?

So, how did you answer? We can fool ourselves, but not if we’re honest. Of course, we can never fool God. Jesus said: “...where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21).

Are you focused on the weightier matters?


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