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What's God Doing?

At times we see a bulldozer busy flattening a building or clearing off a piece of ground, and we ask ourselves, “I wonder what’s going in there?” It’s an obvious question. Brother Earl Williams used this illustration when discussing God’s working in a person’s life. He says that we should ask the same type of question when we see a Christian going through great hardship and testing. “I wonder what God is doing in that person’s life?” Or, closer to home: “I wonder what God is doing with me?”

Brother Jim McGuiggan uses a similar illustration when we contemplate what God’s purposes might be as He works through events and circumstances. He says to consider a man riding a bicycle. “What’s he doing?” To the casual observer, he is just a man pedaling a bicycle. But depending on the situation, there may be a whole lot more going on. He may be a man who is following the doctor’s orders to get more exercise and lower his heart rate. He might be a man trying to please his wife and shed a few pounds. He might be a person simply riding to enjoy the fresh morning air and be alone with his thoughts. He might be testing out the bicycle which he is fixing up for his grandson. He might be going to the market to get a loaf of bread. He might be trying to get in shape for an up-coming race. Or he might just like to ride a bicycle!

Usually, we can only wonder what God is doing. His purposes remain a mystery to us for His ways and thoughts are far superior to ours. Sometimes we have a good idea, but we cannot be sure until months, even years later. Looking back at some point, we can then see what the Lord has been working to accomplish. However, we can be sure that He has a purpose or two in mind, and that He is working to accomplish those purposes. And we know that His purposes are always good even though they might be painful for the time being. We must learn to trust God as we ask the question: “I wonder what God is doing?”

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