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Worthy of Jesus

Matthew 10: 32-39

Jesus taught some things which are difficult (not impossible) to understand. Jesus taught some things which are difficult (not impossible) to accept. Jesus taught some things which are difficult (not impossible) to do. Our text here is one such teaching.

The basic thrust of this teaching is that Jesus must be first on our lips, first in our love and first in our lives. He allows for no rivals and refuses to share first place in our hearts.

The confessing which He mentions is not a person’s “confession” before being baptized. This would be the every day confessing of a Christian in which Jesus is acknowledged as one’s Lord and given credit for the great and good things which happen in a person’s life. I wasn’t “lucky,” and I didn’t “catch a break.” It wasn’t me, alone, that did that kind deed, but the Lord working in me.

The love which Jesus calls for is one of devotion. We are to love family and others in our lives, but we must be devoted to Him first of all. If my family is drawing me away from Jesus, I must deny them. If my family is failing to follow Him, I must be strong for Him to call them back. His name is above every other.

The life which I live must be devoted to Him. This does not mean that I must be a missionary, a preacher or a Bible class teacher. It does mean that my thoughts, words and actions must be tempered by the Word of God so as to bring Him glory and further His kingdom.

Jesus must be first in hearts and in all parts of our living because He is first! He is the Anointed One (Christ) of God, the firstborn from the dead, the last Adam, Head of the church, King of kings and Lord of lords, Ruler of the kings of the earth, Redeemer, Savior, Master, High Priest, Son of Man, Son of God...

There is no other!

Through such devotion, such love for Him, Jesus will consider us worthy of Him. Now that is something I find difficult to comprehend.

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