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Your Bible

It has been said that a Bible which is falling apart is probably owned by someone who isn’t. What a marvelous observation. And how true. The word of God which is breathed out into the holy scriptures is designed to train us in righteous living and make us complete and equipped for every good work.

When Paul wrote those words, he wasn’t only thinking about how to achieve moral purity or to do good deeds such as visiting the sick, sharing the gospel, or building a Christ-honoring marriage. He also had in mind how to handle grief, how to persevere through trials and periods of disappointment, and how to overcome seasons of depression and loneliness. The word of God is designed to teach us all we need to know about living a victorious life in Christ which will bring honor to Him.

Yet, how often when rough times come into a life, we find even Christians first running to their doctor, visiting a therapist or ordering the latest self-help book on the market? And all the while, their Bible lies closed on the table - the very book which promises peace, guidance, and strength to endure everything which life has to offer, and to conquer through it all with the power and wisdom of God.

Let me ask you: Do you have your own Bible - a good study or reference Bible? Do you know where it is? Some years back at one of our give-away events, a lady accepted a New Testament and said she would put it on the shelf with the rest of her Bibles. Hmmm?

So, what does your Bible look like? Does it show some wear and tear? Is the cover worn in spots? Is the spine creased? Is some of the gilt or color worn off the edges of the pages? Is there some oil from your fingers on some of the pages from handling? Is there some highlighting or underlines? Maybe some notations here and there? Some verses and chapters marked?

The condition of your Bible will tell a good bit about your spiritual journey and your effort to know your Lord. If your Bible were examined, what would the evidence reveal?

What does it tell you?

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