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September 2021


9/26 - If You Believe in Jesus

Many people want a Jesus of their own making to fit their already held beliefs and preconceived ideas. Jesus doesn't allow for that. If you truly believe in Jesus, you have to believe all that He taught and said - even creation, Noah and the flood, Jonah and the big fish, and more.

9/19 - Faith Enough to Touch

The woman had an incurable bleeding which the world's doctors had only made worse. Upon hearing about Jesus, she saw Him as her only hope. Even a large crowd was not enough to keep her from reaching out and touching His garment. We all have an incurable "bleeding" which the world cannot cure - sin. Only Jesus can remove the guilt and provide the power to overcome sin in our lives. Do we have enough faith to "touch" Him for the cure?

9/12 - Worship Jesus' Way

In talking with the woman at the well in Samaria, Jesus put a new perspective on worship. The current "worship war" was about whether to worship at Mt Gerizim or in Jerusalem. Jesus said that worship was not to be about a place but about an inner attitude and approach to God - "in spirit and truth." Not only does worship not involve a particular place, but the priesthood and sacrifices under the law of Moses also are changed.

9/5 - The Unshakeable Kingdom

Throughout history, kingdoms which seemed invincible have fallen. Just now, Afghanistan has fallen. Let us rejoice and be thankful that the Lord God has given us a kingdom which not only will never fall, but is unshakeable - the kingdom of God.

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