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April 2021


4/25 - Jesus is Lord

Jesus came not only to save but also to rule. He is now reigning over both the physical and spirit realms as He is bringing "all enemies under His feet."

4/18 - Getting a Handle on Salvation

Minister Jeff Kent presents his lesson "Getting a Handle on Salvation" to the congregation.

4/11 - Our God Whom We Serve

Minister Jeff Kent presents his lesson "Our God Whom We Serve" discussing King Nebuchadnezzar's gold image and furnace in Daniel 6.

4/4 - Blessed Are...

Minister Jeff Kent is back from medical leave to give us this lesson, "Blessed Are..." Finding true joy or blessedness is an on-going search for most people. They look for it in various things such as good health, a secure job, money, college degrees, entertainment, etc. However, Jesus teaches us that deep, soul-satisfying joy does not come via externals but in the spiritual things of the heart. As usual, His ways are true and very opposite of those of the world.

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