Matthew 5:16 - "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."


The church at Shadyside has been involved with prison ministry since 1992. Currently, we have opportunity to teach the gospel and minister to inmates at one correctional facility in the local area. The church partners with one other area congregation to provide Sunday worship service (including the Lord’s Supper) on a regular basis for the inmates. Individual Bible studies, spiritual counseling, and Bible correspondence courses are available to those who are interested. This prison outreach is available to both brothers and sisters in the congregation.

The congregation’s ministry at the Continuing Health Care of Shadyside facility is varied. Several times a year we hold a devotional service for the residents on a Sunday afternoon. (This is done on a rotating schedule with other churches in town.) We try to do a little visiting, and we'll have prayer with any who request it.
Another activity which the residents enjoy is when several of our members come to the center and have a  gospel sing with them.

As we become aware of needs, via staff members, we try to meet those needs when possible. Recently, we provided a large storage tote filled with jigsaw puzzles, words search books, and other activity books for the residents to help keep their minds sharp and help them pass the time.


Most of us have had some "hard times" in our lives. The same was true when Jesus walked the earth, and it was true for the early Christians. It's true today. Since we serve the Lord Jesus, we try our best to follow his words about helping those in need. We handle all requests for help on a case by case basis by collecting necessary information and making an individual assessment. If you’re having "hard times," we are here to help as best we can.


These sisters are always searching out ways to help the cause of our Lord. When situations arise, prayers for the sick and troubled are offered. Often items are collected for those in need. Rides to buy groceries or to doctor appointments can be arranged.Sometimes they will have a project to prepare Bibles, books, and other items to be distributed in the community. Each of them brings her own special talents to the group and together they are able to provide a variety of services requested of them.

The congregation is currently supporting two children in Haiti through the "Hope for Haiti's Children" ministry. Their names are Daniel Desrosier and Bebetho Pierre. The money given by our members provides school supplies, medical care and food staples for these children. The church also participates in the Christmas Joy Box project.  Plastic shoe boxes are packed with various toys, hygiene items and incidentals for distribution in the schools in Haiti.  Each child gets their own box, and these         provide a real blessing to the children and are a reminder that God loves them and they are not forgotten.


The church at Shadyside has been involved with spreading the gospel in the country of Ukraine since 1993, specifically in the city of Dnipro. Currently we are the sponsoring congregation for Slava Seytzhelilov who has been repatriated from his country of birth, Uzbekistan. He has ministered in his home country, in the Crimea and in the region south of Kiev. Slava works with our sister congregation which meets on Artem Street in their own facility in Dnipro.

Jerry Joseph of the National Road Church of Christ (Wheeling, WV), Jeff Kent, our minister, and Don Kent maintain contact with Slava via phone, e-mail, and Skype. Also, trips to Dnipro are made when deemed necessary to provide personal "on-hands" guidance and encouragement.

Our vision for Dnipro is to see congregations in the various areas of this city of over a million souls. To our knowledge, there are currently only three congregations of Churches of Christ in Dnipro.

Potter Children's Home

The congregation has supported The Potter Children's Home and Family Ministries at Bowling Green, Kentucky for many years. We participate in their yearly commodities drive and give a monetary donation for perishable food. From time to time, Potter makes special requests for help with building projects, vehicles, etc. which we are often able to assist with. Potter receives no money from state or federal agencies being fully funded by Churches of Christ and other donors.


Men's Group

Recognizing that sound leadership is God's desire and vital to a healthy congregation, the church maintains a "men of God" group for all interested brothers. Subjects are taught and discussed ranging from becoming Elders or Deacons and being godly husbands and fathers to personal moral integrity and spiritual growth. Other appropriate topics are addressed when a need or interest arises. Opportunities for the more mature to mentor the younger brothers also develop out of this group.