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Ukraine Mission Work

The church at Shadyside has been involved with spreading the gospel in the country of Ukraine since 1993, specifically in the city of Dnipro. Currently we are the sponsoring congregation for Slava Seytzhelilov who has been repatriated from his country of birth, Uzbekistan. He has ministered in his home country, in the Crimea and in the region south of Kiev. Slava works with our sister congregation which meets on Artem Street in their own facility in Dnipro.

Jerry Joseph of the National Road Church of Christ (Wheeling, WV), Jeff Kent, our minister, and Don Kent maintain contact with Slava via phone, e-mail, and Skype. Also, trips to Dnipro are made when deemed necessary to provide personal "on-hands" guidance and encouragement.

Our vision for Dnipro is to see congregations in the various areas of this city of over a million souls. To our knowledge, there are currently only three congregations of Churches of Christ in Dnipro.

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