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August 2020


8/30 - Do You Believe in Prayer?

The early church spent a lot of time in prayer, and this appears to be one reason for their success in spreading the gospel. Do we believe in prayer? Really and truly? How much time a day do we spend in fervent, serious prayer? Do we expect God to act in response? The prayers of the church helped rescue Peter from prison, but even they were surprised when he appeared at the gate of the house. What is it that causes us not to expect God to answer our prayers in a powerful way?

8/23 - Two Imperfect Sons

Scripture plainly teaches that all people have sinned. No one is perfect. Sin is displayed in a variety of ways in different people - from the most heinous acts of violence to subtle deceptions and everything in between. Jesus tells a parable about two sons to illustrate this and to show our heavenly Father's response to a repentant sinner. When the dead come to life again, and the lost are found, heaven celebrates!

8/16 - Three Resurrections

Long ago in the midst of his sufferings, Job asked if a person died would he live again. From of old this has always been a question which mankind has asked. Is there to be a resurrection of the dead? What do you believe? The Bible teaches that Jesus was resurrected from the dead and that there will be a resurrection of all people at the end of time? Is there any connection between the two? If so, what might it be?

8/9 - What is Your Nickname?

People get nicknames for various reasons. Where they are from. Some physical characteristic. Something they did or do. Perhaps you have a nickname? Joseph from Cyprus was given a "nickname" by the apostles - Barnabas. It means son of encouragement or exhortation. As we follow Barnabas in the book of Acts (chapters 11 through 15), we'll see why he received this name. He teaches us a lot about being a Christian.

8/2 - Love is Not for Sale

Most of us are always on the lookout for sales: BOGO, clearance, end of season, etc. But you must always be careful about cheap imitations and damaged products. Similarly, with real love - it's never on sale. The price is too high. Love comes at great cost. Our God has shown us the great cost of love in sending His Son to die for us. Nothing cheap about that. So real love in our lives is not cheap either. We examine three things which help make up the great price at loving another person.

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