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December 2022


12/4 - Learn to Stop

On His way to Jerusalem for the last time to face the cross, Jesus heard the cries of Bartimaeus calling for Him to have mercy on him. Jesus stopped the entire procession in order to attend to Bartimaeus' call for help. This event is about so much more than Jesus' healing another blind man. There are several take-aways here for us to learn from.

12/11 - What is Jesus Worth to You?

A good bit of our lives is involved in placing a value on things. What groceries will I buy? Is that car worth it? How will I spend my time this evening? Even this - What will I do with my life? Judas thought Jesus to be worth only thirty pieces of silver. What is Jesus worth to you?

12/18 - A Place at the Table

It has always been considered a great honor to be invited to eat at the King's table. In several places, scripture speaks of the Lord having His followers sit down at His table in His kingdom. It will be a great dinner with all the family there and the Lord as host. Everyone is invited. Will you have a place at the table?

12/25 - Jesus "Lite"

Nothing too serious. No calls to repentance. No suffering. None of that holy living. This is especially true around Christmastime. Let's just keep the Babe in the manger along with that nice story about no room at the inn, shepherds, wise men and that little drummer boy. That's enough Jesus for me. Only one problem with Jesus "Lite" - He's not the real Jesus.

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