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December 2023


12/10 - So Great a Salvation

The author of Hebrews cautions his readers about drifting way from "so great a salvation." What makes this salvation in Christ so great? Has even the church today lost sight of salvation's greatness and substituted some "soft sell" message to get people in the pews?

12/17 - Joy in Sowing and Reaping

One of the joys of being a Christian is sowing the seed of God's word and helping it grow in people. It grows at different rates in different folks, and there is usually the need to keep watering and cultivating for the tender plant to truly take root and thrive on its own. This is joyful work in which we follow in the steps of our Lord.

12/24 - To Celebrate or Not?

More people "stress out" over Christmas than you might think. No, not about buying gifts, baking cookies and getting visits from distant in-laws. They don't know what to do with it! Should they celebrate it as Christ's birth? After all, Christmas is not mentioned in the Bible nor is the celebration of Jesus' birth. Should they celebrate it as a family holiday? Are the pagan roots (there are some) of Christmas such that we should not celebrate at all? As always, God's scriptures of truth will guide us to make an informed and God-honoring decision.

12/31 - Wise or Foolish?

In another of those "either - or" pairs found in scripture, we are challenged by God to be either wise or foolish in our living. Those who are wise in God's eyes will believe the "foolishness" of the cross and turn to Jesus for salvation and life. Those who are foolish in God's eyes will choose the wisdom of the world which can neither find God nor understand Him. The two will ever be at odds, but each person much choose how they will live. What about you?

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