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February 2023


2/5 - Ears to Hear

On more than one occasion Jesus challenged His listeners if they had "ears to hear." Unless a person is truly deaf, would they not be able to hear what He said? What is Jesus talking about? What would cause a person not to be able to "hear" the words of God?

2/19 - Teaching Servanthood

When Jesus put aside His clothes, took a towel and began washing the disciples' feet, He was teaching them. When He was finished, He asked them if they knew what He had done. Do we?

2/26 - New Testament Christianity

Many people who say they are Christians are believing things and practicing things which are not found in the New Testament. What does the New Testament teach us about Christian beliefs and practices? Do we need to go to any outside sources for instruction about the church or being a disciple? Here is a brief overview of what is written in scripture, and where we should go to get our answers.

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