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February 2024


2/4 - Is My Life Worth Living ?

Suicide rates continue to rise in this country as more and more people find life has nothing to offer them any more.  Even if suicide is not contemplated, many people in different situations find that life is meaningless and that they are just hanging around waiting to die.  What is the answer?  Is life worth living?  Jesus would answer with a resounding "Yes!"  Let's see what the Word has to say.

2/11 - The Closer I get to God

The Bible records several individuals who had close encounters with God. Some lasted for extended periods while others were quite brief. The response in these various encounters ranged from fear and amazement to an adoring love and a desire to know more. The Lord still calls His people today to walk with Him, to love Him and to "know" Him. As you get closer to God in your walk with Him, what is your response to this awesome and mysterious God?

2/18 - What Really is the Gospel Message?

A careful look at scriptures which detail the gospel reveals that each one contains some different truths not found in the others. The church has probably been guilty of shrinking the gospel message into a "neat little package" and not presenting its many and rich truths for people to make an informed, faith decision. This could be one reason why the church itself is shrinking in many places.

2/25 - Lifting Up Hands

When Amalek attacked Israel in the wilderness, God told Moses for them to fight back. Up on the hill overlooking the battle, Moses held up the staff of God. When he did so, Israel prevailed over Amalek. But when he dropped his hands, Amalek would have the upper hand. So, Moses got help in holding up the staff, and Israel won the day. What was the deal with the staff, and what spiritual applications do we find in this event for the church today?

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