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January 2024


1/7 - It's a Supernatural World

Much of the world denies the supernatural. Such folks argue that all that exists is matter and energy. Yet, many people pursue the paranormal and are thrilled with a Harry Potter book or movie. Wonder why that is? The Bible affirms the existence of the supernatural. From God Himself who is spirit, to angels to, in fact, our own spirit and soul, the world is filled with the supernatural.

1/21 - Jesus Was Not For Sale

When Jesus faced off with the devil in the wilderness, a lot was going on.  God had never been tempted before, but now the Son of God in a human body was on enemy turf.  The devil tried to bribe Jesus and buy Him off in order to divert Him from His mission, but Jesus would have none of it - He was not for sale!   We need to follow Jesus' example and not take any of the devil's bribes.

1/28 - Ready or Not

We have all learned the importance of being ready for significant events - a test, an interview, a wedding, etc. In the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, Jesus teaches us the importance of being ready for the next greatest event on this earth - His return for His bride, the church. The story teaches us that those who are ready will join in the celebration, but those who are not ready will be shut out. Are you ready?

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