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March 2023


3/5 - The Unknown God

Many people who say they are Christians are believing things and practicing things which are not found in the New Testament. What does the New Testament teach us about Christian beliefs and practices? Do we need to go to any outside sources for instruction about the church or being a disciple? Here is a brief overview of what is written in scripture, and where we should go to get our answers.

3/12 - Avoiding Temptation

Temptations are the devil's attacks in this war between good and evil. He is "calling us out!" Too many Christians don't take these attacks very seriously and give in too easily. Scripture provides plenty of instruction on how to overcome in these times of testing. We should fight hard to resist the devil and bring honor to our Master.

3/19 - An Atheist's Beliefs

Contrary to what many people think, an atheist has beliefs. These beliefs have certain sure outcomes and consequences, and they also preclude other beliefs from being true for them since they are mutually exclusive. Here's a brief look at some beliefs of atheists with some contrast with what is taught in God's word.

3/26 - A New Creature

Those who die with Christ in baptism and are raised with Him become a "new creature."  Old things have passed away, and the new has come.  What are those old things?  What are the new?  How extensive is this transformation to be?  Every devoted Christian needs to know the answers to these questions and to make a personal assessment.

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