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March 2024


3/3 - Tale of Two Kings

The word of God can penetrate deep into the heart and soul to reveal our thoughts and intents. A person can respond to the word with belief and humble obedience, or they can disbelieve, resist and turn away from the truth of God. Two kings of Judah illustrate these two responses for us quite well, and give us all "food for thought."

3/10 - Dead Man's Faith

Regarding faith, Abraham is called "the father of us all" by Paul. If we consider the many events in his life, we must marvel that he continued to believe in God despite the opposing and contrary circumstances he faced. What are the key elements of such a faith as Abraham's?

3/24 - Everyday, Boring Christianity

We often make the mistake, and it's too often been implied that Christianity is about doing the "big" things, you know - mission trips, seminars, Bible camps, etc. Although these have a place and serve a purpose, we don't see them emphasized in the scriptures. The Spirit spends more instructional ink on the home, family, work and congregation life. What we do in our everyday, boring lives truly matters, both to God and to the people around us.

3/31 - To Believe or Not Believe

Long ago, Job wondered that if a person died would they live again. Resurrection of the dead is difficult to believe in. It just goes against the reality which we know. Even some of those present on the very day of Jesus' resurrection would not believe it happened. Yet, others rejoiced that Jesus was alive again. Eye witnesses reported a risen Jesus. If their witness is true, this changes everything! What about you?

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