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December 2020


12/27 - Melchizedek, Priest of God Most High

Melchizedek appears as a lesser figure in scripture, but as one digs deeper, he takes on real significance. Abraham interacted with him in what might seem an odd way, but what happened actually shows Melchizedek as prefiguring Christ. In fact, God made Jesus a priest after the order of Melchizedek. We can get much hope from this rather puzzling person.

12/20 - Prince of Peace

It was prophesied He would be called the Prince of Peace, and angels proclaimed peace on earth when Jesus was born. But peace seems to be far out of reach for this world. Nations still go to war. People still hate and kill one another. Families break apart. Individuals worry and fret and seek solace in drugs and booze. Just how is it that Jesus brings peace?

12/13 - SomeThings Jesus Never Said

Jesus assures us that His words are spirit and life. Sometimes the "flesh" gets in the way, and the world pressures us so we do not recall exactly what Jesus said. Maybe we never knew in the first place! Maybe we just want to ignore a particularly "hard" saying. This is dangerous. We need to consult the scriptures to know what Jesus said, and to know what Jesus never said.

12/6 - This is the Way

Beginning in the Old Testament, God indicates there are but two ways to live. One way leads to death, and one to life. Jesus affirmed this in His sermon on the mount. In fact, in the book of Acts we find in six places that the church was actually called "the Way." We're not sure of the origin of this designation, but it could be that they knew for certain that they had found the Way of life and the Way to life - and His name was Jesus. It's quite evident from the New Testament, that He was all they could talk about. If you would like a free audio copy of this lesson for the road click this link

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