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February 2021


2/28 - God of All Comfort

From its early days, members of the church have suffered for the name of Christ. In some countries even today, Christians experience kidnappings, imprisonment and death for their faith. Others of us have encountered milder forms of suffering including ridicule, ostracism, loss of jobs or businesses, broken families, etc. But whatever the suffering, God is fully aware of it, and He provides the comforting we need to endure and triumph through it.

2/21 - The Way of the Lord

The Christian life is one of growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. The gospel draws us in to the lovely and powerful person of Jesus, and we seek His truth and ways as we journey on, making changes and adjustments as we learn. Apollos and the disciples at Ephesus are excellent examples of those who were following Jesus, but needed to make a change in their belief and obedience to Christ. We all need to have a heart like them.

2/14 - Choosing Jesus

Life is filled with choices. Some are mundane and others are matters of life and death. Leading up to His crucifixion, Pilate and the assembled Jews made several choices regarding Jesus of Nazareth. Those choices were very similar to the ones which we make on a regular basis, and especially about those we must make about following Jesus as we navigate our way through life.

2/7 - Spirit of Power

For many Christians, their faith is little more than a church service on Sunday and a casual attempt at being a good citizen. But the word of God affirms again and again that the faith of Christ supplies all we need for dealing with every aspect and adversity of life. Christians have been supplied with "a spirit...of power and love and discipline" which will enable us even to endure suffering for the name of Christ if need be. Now, that is power!

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