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February 2022


2/6 - God Who Sees

Could God be the God He is if He were not three Persons in One? "No" becomes the obvious answer when John writes that "God is love." With the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit experiencing this marvelous circle of love in eternity, it should not surprise us that love becomes the foundation for all that God does. Creation, salvation of the human race, the great commandments, et al are undergirded by love. And as Christians, we are invited into that circle.

2/13 - By the Numbers

(Note: Sound issues clear up around 12:30) Luke seems to pay special attention to the huge crowds which followed Jesus? It's no wonder the Romans eyed Him with suspicion, and the religious leaders were envious. What did move the huge numbers of people to follow Him? There were several reasons - some good and some not.

2/20 - The Gospel - Still Good News

From the beginning of His ministry, Jesus proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom of God. With all of the rampant sexual immorality, government oppression, corruption of the religious leaders, abuse of the masses, etc., the people needed to hear good news. Hmmm. Sounds a good bit like today, doesn't it? Perhaps people today would like to hear some good news. The gospel of the kingdom of God is still a whole lot of good news!

2/27 - Nations in an Uproar

In light of this week's events between Russia and Ukraine, Jeff has decided to change this week's sermon - now titled "Nations in an Uproar."

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