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January 2021


1/24 - Anytime "Two-Word" Prayers

Too many Christians flounder and get discouraged because they try to face the world on their own. Paul admonishes to "pray without ceasing." That can be difficult at times in our fast-paced world. And although we should make time for quiet prayer, we offer some "two-word" prayers which can help us in some of those frantic and tense moments we often encounter.

1/17 - Saving Lydia

Why do some people obey the gospel and some do not? We will never have all the answers to that question? But we do know that God went to great lengths to save Lydia. By the word of the Holy Spirit and a vision, Paul came into Macedonia, and he found her among a company of praying women on a riverbank near Philippi. But she still needed help in understanding the gospel which Paul was telling them. She was baptized and her household, and they became the beginning of the church at Philippi.

1/10 - What a Day it Will Be

When the host ran out of wine at the wedding in Cana, Jesus performed a miracle to save the celebration and also a lot of embarrassment. But He didn't do for the host family what they could do for themselves. The Lord works the same way today with and through His people. We don't work alone, and we don't just stand around waiting for God to do something. We work our best, and He does the rest.

1/3 - Unless You Repent

What with the emphasis on faith and baptism, repentance is often overlooked in teaching about salvation, but it is every bit as needful. The call to repent is the call to turn back to God. Jesus' teaching included exhortations to repent. The apostles echoed His words. Without repentance, a person will perish. It is a beautiful thing!

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