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January 2022


1/2 - Circle of Love

Could God be the God He is if He were not three Persons in One? "No" becomes the obvious answer when John writes that "God is love." With the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit experiencing this marvelous circle of love in eternity, it should not surprise us that love becomes the foundation for all that God does. Creation, salvation of the human race, the great commandments, et al are undergirded by love. And as Christians, we are invited into that circle.

1/9 - Doctor Doctor

When we are sick, we seek medical help and do what the doctor tells us to do (usually!) - tests, medications, diet, exercise, etc. We want to be well. However, when we are having spiritual and emotional trouble, where do we go? Do we seek out Jesus' remedies which are found in the instruction in the Word? Are you making bad choices and messing up your life? Living with anxieties? Walking in a wasteland of spiritual "blahs"? Jesus has the answer for all these and more.

1/16 - All Things Belong to You

The Bible is a book of truth and reality. Too often we're searching for doctrinal truths (which is needful), but we're overlooking the realities which are plainly presented (not good). When Paul writes: "All things belong to you", do we even stop to ponder what he means? Do we just take it for some spiritual imagery or apostolic speak? Perhaps we need to look at the reality of his statement.

1/23 - Seven Days

In six days, God created all things - from the earth itself and the heavens to the stars, vegetation, and sea creatures. On day six, He made mankind in His image, both male and female. On the seventh day, God rested from His work. In the law given to them by God, the Hebrews were told to honor this seven day cycle by working six days and resting on the seventh. Does this seven day "week" carry with it any significance for us today?

1/30 - Rejecting Jesus and his Words

Why do some people accept Jesus with little hesitation while others totally reject Him and His words? This is a complex topic, but the Bible does give us some insight. If you are trying to teach someone about Jesus, or if you are seriously considering becoming His disciple but aren't quite there yet - this lesson is for you.

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