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July 2021


7/25 - No One Left Behind

Christians are engaged in the greatest war and the longest war ever fought. It is also the war with the most at stake - ETERNITY! It should be our pledge to one another, as it is with our armed forces, that no one should be left behind. Do we have this kind of love and concern for one another? Are we fighting to win?!

7/18 - Walk, As Jesus Walked

John teaches that if we want to say that we know Jesus, then we need to keep His commandments and walk as He walked. This is more than just lifestyle choice and doing good deeds. This is also about purpose for living and the blessedness which comes from being a part of something bigger than yourself - namely doing the will of God on earth.

7/11 - Peter and the "Four You's"

Peter is a great study for many different reasons. In this, he helps us discover and understand the four persons that we are at various times in our lives. God knows who we are, but how well do we know ourselves?

7/4 - Free to Be

Most people acknowledge that freedom isn't license to to whatever we want. In spiritual matters, Jesus provides freedom from the guilt of sin and the power of the devil. But that freedom is not to be in self-serving pursuits but in lives of loving service to the Lord and to others. Free to become the people He intended us to be.

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