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March 2022


3/6 - The Word of Truth

People are believing a 1000 different things these days about life, its origins, its meaning, its purpose, the existence or non-existence of God, etc. There is only one place to go to find the truth about all of these things and more - God's word, the holy scriptures.

3/13 - On Racism and Judging Others

Charges of "racism" seem to be everywhere these days. Why is it that we judge others based on skin color and many other outward appearances? Does the Bible say anything about different races of people? Should we "judge" others? If so, how should we do it?

3/20 - The Law Was Made for Man

Jesus regularly encountered opposition when He healed on the Sabbath for his opponents said He was doing work which was forbidden on the Sabbath. Jesus' response was never to deny that His healing was work, but only that He was doing good. His point was that the Sabbath law was never meant to prevent anyone from doing good.

3/27 - What Has This World Come To?

With all of the warfare, murder, lying, public corruption and rampant immoral conduct, we wonder what the world is coming to. God, who is sovereign over all, knows where it's all going. It's all coming to an END! Then a NEW BEGINNING! And we'll all be there! Hope you're ready.

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