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May 2021


5/30 - Elijah and God

After his great victory over the Baal prophets, Elijah fled for his life from Jezebel. But God showed up on Mount Horeb because He had other plans for Elijah. God always has other plans!

5/23 - Simon Says

Simon the magician had been wowing the crowds in Samaria for some time. Then he came face to face with some real power. This changed everything.

5/16 - People Need Jesus

People need Jesus. Everybody needs Jesus. But people don't know how much they need Jesus. The church has the privilege and joy to tell people what only Jesus can do for them.

5/9 - The Breath of Life

In the beginning, God breathed life into the lifeless body of Adam. In the same way, it is the Spirit of God who is active in giving life to the body of Christ, both to individual believers and to the church as a whole.

5/2 - Jesus' View of Scripture

Some people these days want nothing to do with the Bible, but they still want Jesus. What would He think about that? What was Jesus' view of Holy Scripture?

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