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November 2020


11/29 - Unless You Repent

What with the emphasis on faith and baptism, repentance is often overlooked in teaching about salvation, but it is every bit as needful. The call to repent is the call to turn back to God. Jesus' teaching included exhortations to repent. The apostles echoed His words. Without repentance, a person will perish. It is a beautiful thing!

11/08 - Opposing the Word of God

With the help of the devil, mankind has opposed the word of God from the beginning. This is the same as opposing God Himself because you cannot separate God from His Word. On Paul's first missionary journey, a man was called out for opposing the word of God. It didn't go well for him. What do we need to learn from this incident so we are not found to be opposing the Word of God?

11/01 - The Witness of John

Witnesses are important for establishing first hand accounts of what they have seen and heard. John wrote that he saw blood and water come from Jesus' side when the soldier pierced Him while on the cross. Later in his first letter, he wrote of blood and water giving testimony about Jesus along with the Spirit of God. What is John talking about? Why did he think these witnesses were necessary?

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