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November 2021


11/28 - Qualifications for Elders (pt. 2)

Our look at God's qualifications and qualities required for elders/bishops continues. In this lesson we consider how this brother relates to others, his family situation, his reputation and his heart to serve. We are to remember that we are judging these brothers in comparison with the word of God and should do so with objectivity and with kindness.

11/21 - Qualifications for Elders (pt. 1)

The Holy Spirit provides two descriptions of the Christian man who qualifies as an elder/overseer/pastor in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:1-9. We will look at those concerning his faith and his character & conduct in this lesson. With a couple of exceptions, we could say that these would identify any person who was a mature Christian.

11/14 - The Work of Elders

Being an elder in a congregation is not a position to be held but a work to be accomplished. There is the work of shepherding the flock, equipping the members for the work of service, teaching the word, encouraging the congregation and more. Their leadership is vital to the spiritual well-being of the church and to the accomplishing of its mission.

11/7 - Leaders for God's People

We have leaders in every organization, from the national government and the military down to the local mayor and the head of the Band Patrons. Leadership was God's idea, and throughout the Bible we see leaders functioning in every group. The leader of God's people today holds a unique position at the center of the leadership triangle.

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