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October 2020


10/25 - Can Faith and Doubt Exist Together?

Are faith and doubt mutually exclusive? Does having doubts at times mean our faith is suspect? Many Christians have "beaten themselves up" when their prayers failed to produce a desired result, and they blame themselves for having doubts and a weak faith. What do we find in the Bible? Do we find examples of faith and doubt together in the same individuals? The results may surprise you.

10/18 - A Fire, a Hammer, and a Whole Lot More

The world is in chaos, and people are at each other's throats because of all the lies which people believe. Now, more than ever, the world needs the truth of God's word. The church must start believing again that the Bible is the true Word of God, and start living by it and teaching it and talking it to others. The Lord affirms that His word is a fire and a hammer to break down barriers and to move people to do right. Only the pure, unadulterated word of God has the power to do this.

10/11 - Pray Big, Pray Small

The Bible is filled with teachings about prayer and exhortations to pray. Prayer is a special privilege for the believer in which he or she, among other things, can request the direct intervention of God in the affairs of men. Christians are urged to pray for all people, from the least to the greatest. Our prayers can make a difference in world affairs and in the eternal salvation of men and women. So, pray big and pray small, and see what God will do.

10/4 - Dying to Live

Christianity is full of apparent contradictions. One of these is that in order to live you must die. What does that mean? In fact, Paul wrote that he had been crucified with Christ. Really? When Paul wrote that he was still alive in his body. How can that be? Of course, we recall that Jesus died on the cross but was then resurrected to life. Is there a connection, and if so, how?

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