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Powering Up

Ephesians 1:18-20, 3:20-21

In this age of technology we have all come to appreciate the power of batteries. One reason we are able to have the cool devices we have today is because of the development of batteries, in particular their capability of having more power and being able to hold a charge much longer. Cell phones, lap tops, tablets, remote controls for all sorts of things, high-tech flashlights, keyless entry to cars - even some cars themselves! Battery power is everywhere.

Recently, we had a little episode with our TV remote. It quit functioning; wouldn’t do anything at all. So we changed the batteries - still nothing. Thought we’d have to get another one. Finally (with some help from our daughter), we tried some other batteries. It worked! Turns out that the first replacement batteries we put in had been used and didn’t have enough power left. Lesson learned.

So how does this have anything to do with us as Christians? Well, we need “power” to live the life of faith, and that power must come from other than ourselves. Being weak through the flesh (Mark 14:38), we need something to empower us to have changed hearts and to live the righteous life. Otherwise we will fail miserably living lives of ritual service while still loving the things of the world.

This power comes from God and is the same divine power whereby Christ was raised from the dead. If we stop to consider, the Christian life is filled with divine (supernatural) power. The cleansing of sins by Christ in baptism is an act of divine power. Prayer to God is an act of faith which has an element of the supernatural since we pray to a God who is spirit and whom we have never seen. The gift of the Holy Spirit is a divine event. His working in us to bear His fruit is a powerful act of God the Spirit. The power of God working in the Christian is everywhere.

Knowing that it is God’s power working in us to accomplish His will should give us hope, courage and firm resolve to engage in this fight against the evil powers and carry the gospel to the lost.

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