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One Silver Coin, One Sinner

Luke 15:8-10

It was her future livelihood. She had been putting it aside for many years. Able to make clothes and mend, she had scratched out a living for herself since her husband had died. When the Lord had blessed her work, she had put some silver coins away for the time when she could no longer sew. Even now she was feeling the creep of time on her hands and back as she sat and worked. The needle did not run as swiftly now as it had even a couple of years ago.

She had been blessed again, recently, and today had taken her copper pieces and exchanged them for another silver coin. She had retrieved the bag with her savings from its hiding place and now dumped the nine silver coins on the table. There was a certain reassurance in seeing and handling the money. This one more coin would make ten, a goodly number. Ten had a ring of completeness.

She began counting the coins into the bag ...eight, nine... She must have miscounted. Dumping all the coins on the table, she counted again. Nine. Thinking she had dropped one she took a quick look on the floor around the table. No coin. She counted again. Still only nine. What to do? She had to find the coin. She had labored many hours, days for it. It was precious. Crucial for her future!

She knew it must be in the house. She lit the lamp. Very methodically she begins. First in this corner. Then moving along the wall to the adjacent corner. Moving the little stand. Moving the pitchers. Around the room. Moving the table. Her two chairs. Sweeping, sweeping. Peering into corners, cracks, crevices. On her hands and knees. Then more sweeping. At last a glint in the earthen floor. Could it be?! On her hands and knees again. Scraping away the dirt. There it was! Found! What a relief! Praise the Lord!

She hurries to the door. “Anna! Miriam! Come quickly! You’ll never guess what just happened! ...”

A lost coin is found - a woman rejoices! A sinner repents - angels rejoice! So should we. So should we.

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