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Snowed Today

Job 37: 1-13

It snowed today. It’s winter, and we can expect that here where we live, but the reactions to the snow are always varied. Some see snow as a nuisance, even a curse. They have to shovel the walk, clean off the SUV and drive more slowly. Some are even petrified to drive in the snow. If the schools close, then there is a scramble to find someone to be with the kids: grandma, Aunt Trixie, who?

Other folks love snow. They enjoy the beauty of it, its rather peaceful presence on the ground bringing a certain muffling of the sounds of both man and machine. For the kids, the more snow the better! Snow men, snow forts, snow ball battles, snow angels, football in the snow - no school! And what’s better than after an afternoon spent snowballing and being soaked to the skin than to curl up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot cocoa?

Whether you’re a snow lover or someone who just sees it as another annoyance of life, we all tend to forget that snow comes from the hand of God. Yes, I’m well aware of the laws of meteorology and such things as high and low pressure systems, fronts, winds, humidity levels, the heating of the sun, etc. God has set these things in motion to function in certain ways in His creation, but I am not one to believe that God is “hands off” in what happens on His planet Earth.

We can read through our text and nod at the figurative language in which God “thunders with His voice” and how “From the breath of God ice is made.” We don’t take such phrases literally, nor are we meant to. However, we need to pay careful attention to v 13. Here is conveyed the idea that God is very much involved with His creation and uses it to accomplish His purposes. It could be for correction (i.e. discipline) that He sends a storm or causes a drought. He might be showing His mercy in sending much needed rain. It could just be normal maintenance. In any case, God did it!

It snowed today. I choose to believe that God sent a blessing. What do you think?

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