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The Last Time I Saw Jesus

1 John 2:3-6

Kids copy their sports heroes. In baseball if they pitch, they will have the same “look in,” the same wind up, the same delivery. When hitting, they’ll use the same stance, the same swing. It’s what kids do. We’ve all emulated someone in our lives.

When it comes to our serving the Lord Jesus, His disciples try to follow Him. This is what disciple means. Our text uses the expression of walking “in the same manner as He walked.” So, for us to follow Jesus we need to observe what He did. Right?

The last time I saw Jesus...

...He was feeding the hungry.

...He was teaching in a synagogue.

...He was spending the night in prayer.

...He was facing down the devil.

...He was teaching from a boat.

...He was touching a leper.

...He was enjoying a meal with the community outcasts.

...He was speaking about things to come.

...He was defending an exploited woman.

...He was telling cool stories.

...He was praising His Father.

...He was weeping in deep grief.

...He was helping and healing the sick.

...He was challenging His followers.

...He was blessing the children.

...He was befriending a marginalized woman looking for hope

...He was teaching on a hillside.

...He was speaking against evil, lies and hypocrisy.

...He was talking about the kingdom of God.

We’re out of space. So, what about you? Me? Hmmm?

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