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Autumn Leaves

Romans 12:3-8

As the old adage goes: time marches on. We have passed the official first day of Fall and already seen some of the harbingers of this time of year. We’ve had some chilly mornings, and the sun is now noticeably disappearing sooner in the evenings. Here and there, some leaves are beginning to change color. Here in our valley, we are blessed to be visually “serenaded” by the changing colors of the leaves. It is a truly remarkable symphony of the various hues.

Browns and tans, oranges and yellows, wines and reds all add to the colorful display. Some leaves even linger on in their green garb far after the others have changed color. The bright orange is very showy and seems to try to take center stage. But the crimson has a way of especially drawing your gaze. Consider this: What if the whole hillside were orange? Or red? Would the display be as attractive? Would we be as inclined to admire a hillside of all orange trees? Are not all the different colored leaves needed to create the glorious collage of the hillside in

Autumn? The browns and golds are needed to provide the rich harmony for the melody of color.

So it is in the church. Not all members have the same gifts or capacities for service. Yet all are needful to provide all that the body of Christ is designed to accomplish. Paul even argues that if everyone had the same gift or performed the same function there would not be a functioning body at all (1 Corinthians 12:14-20)!

To provide for the whole range of ministry, leadership and spiritual growth in the church as He designed it, God has set the various members in the body with differing abilities, strengths and gifts (Romans 12:3-8). Each member needs to recognize this truth.

Then, each member of the body must seek out, discover and develop his/her gifts and talents, and employ them in the day to day functioning of the congregation. All of this by the power of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of Christ Jesus.

What a glorious spiritual symphony this creates!

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