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Do It Anyway

1 Corinthians 15:58

From time to time, we get frustrated and disappointed in our serving the Lord. Things don’t work out like we thought they should. People don’t appreciate your efforts. Sometimes, we’re not even sure what to do!! This should not surprise us since we live in a broken world filled with sinful people. Paul’s words should be taken to heart, then, so we won’t give up: “...your toil is not in vain in the Lord.” Read and absorb the whole verse! So...

Some folks are just grumpy - Say “Hello!” anyway

Visits can be very difficult - Visit anyway

Phone calls are often unproductive - Call anyway

Some people avoid you - Seek them out anyway

Your prayers seem to go unanswered - Pray anyway

Many folks only talk about themselves - Listen anyway

You rarely know if your card did any good - Send it anyway

The needs keep arising - Give anyway

Gloomers and doomers keep glooming and dooming - Encourage anyway

Somebody’s always wandering away - Go get them anyway

Sicknesses never seem to end - Minister anyway

So few respond to the gospel - Tell it anyway

It seems all the time somebody’s in trouble - Help anyway

So many never seem to learn - Teach anyway

Complainers abound - Engage them anyway

The weak keep fainting - Lift them up anyway

Sinners keep sinning - Forgive anyway

Many are ungrateful - Serve anyway

Evil is everywhere - Keep doing good anyway

The world keeps hating - Love anyway

The work seems endless - Keep working anyway

You often feel defeated - Do it for Jesus anyway

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