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Who is a God Like You?

Micah 7:18-20

By and large a great many people do not understand God. (I’m not trying to say that anybody fully understand's Him!) We hear it said, “God will get you for that!”

In such ideas we are made to think that God lurks around corners and eavesdrops behind doors to catch us in some wrong - and that He enjoys doing so! The “eye watching you” becomes the “eye spying on you.”

For others God is very distant and not much concerned with their daily affairs. He offers little help in life except maybe when a great tragedy occurs, and He can be roused from His divine remoteness by tears and cries of heartache.

But are these views of God and others like them correct? Or has the devil done a good job in deceiving the world about the truth concerning God? What does the Bible say?

In our scripture, the prophet Micah reflects upon Israel’s God. Israel has rarely been consistent in following God’s commands, acting immorally, unjustly and worshiping false gods of all sorts. God has every right to punish them (which He has done) and leave them mired in their sins. But because of Who He is, the Almighty cannot and will not abandon Israel!

Micah recalls that God’s anger does not last forever. He reminds His readers that God delights in mercy (lovingkindness) and that He shows truth or faithfulness to His people. When God makes a promise, He will not go back on it. He is a God of compassion touched by the plight of those He loves. And, Micah asserts, this God pardons iniquity and passes over their rebellious acts.

God does not overlook sin nor treat it lightly, but for those who are truly repentant, God is fully ready to forgive and welcome them home. And He won’t be dredging up those past sins in the future for “You will cast all their sins into thedepths of the sea.”

Thank God for all His goodness and His grace shown to us in Christ Jesus! And remember: No fishin’!

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