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Room for Everyone

Shirley and I enjoy going out for breakfast from time to time, and we have several restaurants which we visit when we choose to start our day this way. Recently, we went to one of our usual eateries for breakfast, but when we went in there was not a single booth or table available. It was totally packed!

Since it was a small diner, and there wasn’t any place to wait for a table, we decided to go to another one of our regular stops. But that was the strangest feeling - as if the diner were saying: “There is no place for you here. You are not wanted. Go some place else.”

This whole episode caused me to think of the kingdom of God, in particular the fact that the kingdom will never be full. There won’t be anyone standing at the door to say: “Sorry, no room.” There will always be room for more in the church of our Lord.

Jesus gives us these words: “...the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out.” This would indicate that there is always room for “one more” in the kingdom, but it also indicates much more. He is saying that no matter what your situation or your background if you come to Jesus, He will welcome you. No matter what sins you’ve committed, no matter how many you’ve committed, no matter what kind of trouble you’re in at the moment, no matter how many problems you have, no matter if you’re into drugs or booze or porn or gambling - Jesus will not say “No!” He will say, “Come in.”

This demonstrates the great love of our God to save every person. This demonstrates the great reach of the grace of God through the blood of Christ Jesus to forgive every sin. This demonstrates the determined will of the Father that He desires all people to be saved.

Things are different where God is involved. Remember when Jesus came to the earth? How there was no room for Him and His parents in the inn? But now with Jesus, there is room, more than enough room, room for everybody! Thank you, Jesus.

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