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I Have Learned...

Proverbs 1:5-6

Much of life is about learning. If one isn’t inclined to learn, he is doomed to bring upon himself much disappointment and trouble. Learning is available most everywhere, but especially are we counseled to learn from God and to live by His wisdom. Allow me in this little piece to share some of the things which I’ve learned over the years. Perhaps you’ve learned some of these same things.

I’ve learned...

...that if you smile, things just go a lot better.

...that if you pay your bills, they won’t shut off your service.

...that sin influences us so easily and in such subtle ways.

...that if you attend to the small things, the big things get handled.

...that God answers prayer in ways you’d never dream of.

...that sometimes God helps you open your mouth, and sometimes He helps you keep it shut.

...not to put labels on people; they are almost impossible to get off.

...that help will come from the most surprising places.

...that if you aren’t doing it for Jesus, you’re wasting your time.

...that zeal for the Lord is catching.

...that you can overstay your welcome; you can talk too much; and you can over eat at the “all you can eat” buffet.

...that every person has a story.

...not to overlook anybody.

...that if someone volunteers, say “Yes!”

...that old ways of thinking and of doing are hard to change. pray - a lot!

...that Jesus is truly the answer to everything.

...that God is always there - no matter what.

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