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Don't Drive thru Water

Luke 6:46-49

Sadly, it happened again, just as it happens in nearly every situation in which flood waters are involved. Everyone has heard the warning:

Don’t drive through flood waters. Engines can stall out, and both vehicle and occupants can be stranded. Or the vehicle can skid off the roadway into even deeper water. Or rising and moving water can carry a vehicle away into even more hazardous and life-threatening situations. It happened most recently during hurricane Florence.

Some people were driving through flood waters. Many vehicles were stranded and became total losses. Some motorists drowned when what they were driving was picked up by the moving waters and carried away. What causes people to ignore a warning which has proven to be valid time and again? Let us offer some suggestions.

Pride could easily be a factor. You know, it’s the old “This won’t happen to me” thing. “I’m a good driver; very careful.”

Experience may play a part. Maybe they drove through flood waters before, and all was well. Perhaps they’ve seen others do it.

Then there are those who don’t believe the authorities. They think they are being overly cautious and just trying to control people.

Finally there are those who just don’t pay attention. They live in their own world and are oblivious to what’s going on around them.

We can make similar application to our spiritual lives. Jesus warns us in several places about listening to His voice and doing what He says to do. And with Jesus, we know He’s telling the truth, and His words will come to pass just as He says. However, many just don’t listen to what He teaches. Others don’t believe Him. Many purposefully ignore Him. Still others half-heartedly do some of what He says.

When Jesus speaks, we need to listen. Whatever He says to do, we should do it.

After all, He knows what He’s talking about. Jesus is the Word of God.

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