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A Supernatural World

Isaiah 46:8-13

In what kind of world do we live? Is it one which is purely driven by laws of nature in which everything can be explained by forces and currents, by pressures and temperatures, by chemical reactions and electromagnetic pulses, etc.? This is what the naturalist, the secularist, the evolutionist would have you believe. Or is it a world in which there are powers and beings existing outside the visible realm, but who interact with it to affect the course of events?

Let’s begin with God. He certainly exists outside this visible world, but scripture says that He is the one who raises up and puts down kings. He directs the affairs of men to accomplish His will. He uses the natural laws at times to do this. What of the Holy Spirit who dwells in the Christian? Scripture teaches that He sanctifies us and provides power in the inner person. Is this not supernatural?

What of the devil? Is he a real being who goes about trying to destroy all that’s good, or is he just the idea of evil? What of angels? Scripture says they are spirits sent to minister for those who are to inherit salvation, so they must DO SOMETHING! They certainly exist outside this natural world.

What about prayer? When you pray, don’t you expect your words to be heard by God in heaven? Is that not in itself a supernatural thing? Think about it. You want a connection between yourself in this world and the Sovereign God in the heavenlies! Is that not something supernatural? Then, you expect God to answer your prayer, don’t you? You probably want Him to do something to change the course of things. You want Him to intervene in this world! Isn’t that supernatural - outside of the natural?

Certainly all of creation is governed by natural laws, but laws which were established by God. But scripture teaches a supernatural element to all this world with God superintending and intervening to accomplish His will for good. Let us not only never forget the supernatural aspects of life, but learn to live by them.

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