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I Am Jealous

You will forgive me, won’t you? I am jealous. We are well aware that the scriptures teach we are not to be jealous of others (there are some exceptions), but I heard a song a few weeks back which put these thoughts into my head, even my heart. So, as I reveal these thoughts please be patient with me, and hopefully you’ll see what I’m talking about. Perhaps, you’ll become a little jealous, too.

I am jealous of those who saw Jesus. There, I said it. I am jealous of those who sat there on that hill on a warm sunny afternoon and listened to Jesus expound upon the kingdom of heaven. What did His voice sound like? The inflections? The firmness? The clarity? The tenderness? The earnestness? The authority? The reassurance?

I am jealous of those who saw Jesus heal, who were there in that house when they heard the people on the roof. When they saw the hole being made in the ceiling and this paralyzed man being let down into the room. To hear Jesus commend their faith and proclaim forgiveness for the man’s sins and then to see him just get up and walk away! What would that cause you to think?

I am jealous of those who were present when Jesus raised Lazarus. His sisters were in deep mourning. He has now been in the tomb for four days. Jesus arrives. Compassionate. Tearful. Determined. Without hesitation. “Take away the stone.” “Lazarus, come forth!” We wait with both doubt and anticipation. Then the sound of scuffling. A figure appears wrapped in grave clothes. It’s really Lazarus. How can it be? Incredible. So, who is this, anyway?

I am jealous of those who heard Him rebuke the wind and the waves. I am jealous of those who heard him read from Isaiah that day in Nazareth. I am jealous of those who sat with him at night and just listened to all He had to say. I am jealous of those who heard him rebuke the demons and send them into the pigs. I am jealous...

Some day, my jealousy will be gone, for I shall see Him myself. That will be a great day. Are you a little jealous?

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