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To Do or Not to Do?

Ever since the NFL players began kneeling for the National Anthem, I have been upset. Now I realize that we have the right to protest, and that there are many situations in our country right now which deserve to be protested. However, I am in total disagreement with kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner as a way to protest whatever it is you’re wanting to protest.

When one does this, it is a protest against everything American, our whole history, our Constitution and those who defend it. This goes too far and truly solves nothing. In addition, the NFL has provided no satisfactory remedy for this disrespectful behavior. Therefore, I have not watched any NFL football for two years now. (Actually, it’s been a blessing.)

Since I have begun this personal boycott, the subject of NFL football has come up in numerous conversations.

“Well, it looks like the Browns might have a team.” “Did you see the Steelers pull that one out yesterday?” When I share that I no longer watch the NFL because of the kneeling during the anthem, virtually every person responds with something like: “Oh, I agree with you.” However, it’s quite apparent that they still watch the games thereby continuing to show their support for the NFL and its teams. This puzzles me.

James had a word for this kind of behavior: faith without works. If we believe something is right, we should support it, praise it, pray for it, participate in it, etc. If we believe something is wrong, we should not be supporting it, validating it, participating in it, etc.

But this piece isn’t about the NFL. (That’s your choice.) But it is about whether or not we believe what is written in God’s word. Go, make disciples. Do we? Love your wives. Do we? Abstain from every form of evil. Do we? Love one another. Are we? Abide in my word. Do you? Resist the devil. How hard do we try? Pray ceaselessly. Do you? Grow in grace and knowledge. Is that you?

It’s one thing to say we believe, but quite another to put that belief into action. “Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead...”

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