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So Great a Salvation (part 2)

In our last piece we looked at this great salvation which God is offering to all humanity from a broader, heavenly perspective. In this, we want to observe that this salvation has great and marvelous purposes for those who are saved. We can become rather overcome in our self-adoration in thinking that God simply saved us to give us an eternal home. There is much more to it than that.

This salvation saved us from our sins to lead a righteous life.

This salvation freed us from the grasp of Satan and brought us into the loving arms of Christ.

This salvation broke the chains of death and gave us life.

This salvation brought us from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of light.

This salvation freed us from serving Satan so we could serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

This salvation brought us from hopelessness into a great hope.

This salvation conveyed us from the wrath of God into being at peace with God.

This salvation released us from captivity and put us into the army of the Lord.

This salvation removed our heart of self-gratification and gave us a heart of self-sacrifice.

This salvation freed us from believing lies to knowing the truth.

This salvation changed our hearts of despair into hearts of joy.

This salvation replaced worldly babble with a heavenly gospel.

This salvation crucified me to let Christ live in me.

So great a salvation can only come from God. A new birth! A new creation! A new purpose! A new future! Praise the Lord!

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