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Though the mountain is high,

I choose to climb it.

Though the river is wide,

I choose to ford it.

Though the storm is strong,

I choose to weather it.

Though the cold is chilling,

I choose to endure it.

Though the forest is thick,

I choose to make a way through it.

Though the trail is steep,

I choose to hike it.

Though the wilderness is daunting,

I choose to trek across it.

Though the heat is sweltering,

I choose to bear it.

Though the swamp is foreboding,

I choose to wade through it.

Though the desert is parched,

I choose to traverse it.

Though the snow is deep,

I choose to slog through it.

Though the ocean is vast,

I choose to cross it.

These things I will do because my life belongs to my Lord Jesus, and He has asked me to do them. He will be with me every step of the way, and in so doing I will see Him at the end of the journey. This is my hope and His promise to me. Praise the Lord, O my soul! Praise the Lord!!

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